the hike

The Appalachian Trail stretches from Maine to Georgia, a 2,179 mile foot path built by volunteers.

Top Questions I’ve been asked recently:
1. Are you hiking alone?
Yes, but no. I don’t know who I’ll be hiking with until I get there and meet the other folks who have also given this half year to the trail. There is a definite season for the hike. Southbounders start sometimes as soon as Baxter State Park is open in Mid-May. They are the really crazy ones and have to face those couple weeks surviving the killer black flies. I’m hoping to miss the black fly season since I’m starting at the very end of June. There will be other folks starting then too, and we are the crazy ones because we may not finish until the second week of December.

2. How will you get food?
Important question! This is of course, my top priority! I have been reassured by my boyfriend Jeff a.k.a. “Powder River” that I will come to towns every 3 to 4 days. Hikers call it “town day.” And it’s supposed to actually not be that relaxing because you need to do all of your chores: laundry, shower, get more food and fuel, make phone calls, etc. Now, if I take what’s called a “zero day” I will have a real day off from hiking and stay in a hostel for those two nights. This is of course more expensive, but necessary at times to take the break from walking!

3. Are you scared/nervous?
No. I’ve been wanting to do a long-distance hike for some time. My parents raised me as a sailor and camper and therefore I’m pretty fearless. The past two years I took up rock climbing and that is a great sport for breaking fear! I’m not afraid of bugs or the dark or mountains or bears. The things I will be cautious of are: poison ivy, deer ticks and strangers. I don’t anticipate having any problem trusting my instinct when it comes to strangers and if I find myself in a situation, I know I will have friends looking out for me, and ultimately, the good Lord in Heaven sees all and is on my side! Actually, this hike is safer than living in Baltimore City!!!

4. What ties to civilization will you still have?
Very few! I’m really believing that this is the time for me to do this hike and that I’m being “called” to do it. I’m signing off with the team at Lukeworks (my lovely job since Fall 08). My roommate and I end our lease in our apartment of 4 yrs (she’s getting married and moving to MO). My truck is going to hang out at the Beach for a while.

5. What will happen to your relationship with your boyfriend?
He is incredibly supportive and possibly more excited than me at this moment because he actually knows what I’m about to get into. He’s a great big hiker nerd and helped me pick out all the latest gadgets including a light-saber water purifier. (Uses UV Light to kill all the bad stuff). He’s super excited to meet up with me and surprise me whenever he’s not working as a tour guide. We both see this as part of the adventure for us as a couple. If you see him around, give him a hug for me 🙂

6. What if we want to see you while you’re out there?
Great question! If anyone wants to bring me a cheeseburger, it will make my day! Jeff will know where I am, talk to him! My actual location will not be posted on this site. I hope to hang out in Harper’s Ferry for a day or two whenever I get there sometime Aug/Sept. That is the closest point the Trail gets to Bmore. Come see me then! Updates on that later!

7. What’s the best way to get in touch with you?
Email me.

2 responses to “the hike

    • Ha Ha, yeah, are you surprised? Jeff and I were standing there in REI and he was about to buy it for himself. I was planning on using aquamira. But I asked him what it was and we thought it might actually be cheaper than buying the chemicals 4 or 5X over. But we just realized the other day that the batteries are $10! Yeah, are you a sceptic? I’m just putting my trust in science for this one!

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