Groundbird Gear

cooper pond-1me and cooper portrait-3Thru-hikers come home changed. Almost all of us struggle to re-establish to “full-time town life.” As one of Powder River’s friends says, “You get in your car (a box) go to the store (a box) and then come home (a box). This is a very strange feeling after 5.5 months of living OUTside the box!

Powder River and I have had some really great times since my SoBo completion of the A.T. We got married, and this is really great 🙂 We got a dog and he has changed our lives. We went on our first great road trip West (with the dog) last summer and look forward to round two this summer. We have been on some short overnight hikes and more importantly have introduced several friends, including my mother to backpacking. We of course long to do a long distance hike together, hopefully with the dog (which trail you ask? Maybe the Long Trail in VT…). Which brings me to my next adventure: Groundbird Gear.

When we got our dog Cooper we soon bought him a pack so he too could enjoy carrying his food down the trail and become a gear nerd like us. Problem was, the pack was very heavy and massive on his skinny body. The pack itself with the hiking harness weighs 3 lbs! Our hiking packs actually weigh less. And so I began my mission to create for Cooper a lightweight pack. This has now become a full-time mission on behalf of other hikers whom also hike with dogs.

We bought a really sweet sewing machine, a Juki LU 1508. I have been cranking out the pack designs for about 6 months now. I am currently working with product testers who are on trail right now and are helping me to improve the design. I launched the website last month. You can buy one! All the packs are custom built to your dog’s measurements and pack+harness weigh around 1 lb.

Some of my product testers’ blogs:

This is a great adventure and I look forward to each new step as a business owner. Thanks for joining me and checking out my website:

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