Virginia’s Fair Daughters

Hi Everyone,

I have the rare opportunity to be on a computer tonight. My hiking partner Teenie (Valerie) and I were looking forward to “the Captain’s” all day today. He is a trail angel who lets people camp in his yard. Turns out, we caught him at just the right moment and he’s letting us camp out in his house tonight! Hurray! This is especially nice because Teenie and I have committed to getting to Springer (the Southern terminus of the trail) before Christmas. Which means for us no more zero days! Tis the season to hike til you drop. Just kidding. We’re doing pretty good and taking lots of ibprofin! The weather has been good this week and we hope for more of the same. But I will say, with our freak snow and ice storm last Friday, my pack weight shot up with all my super-duper winter gear. That’s right, I’m carrying 3 pairs of gloves and one pair of waterproof mits! No worries, we’re hanging out with our new Canandian sobo friends, Daks and Spoons, a lot. They’ve lived in the Yukon! They know cold! But like I said, we’re doing fine and we’ve had lots of sun!

Virginia is amazing in the Fall! I highly recommend the section of trail from Waynesboro (Rockfish Gap) to Catawba, VA. This includes some great spots including Three Ridges, the Priest, Cold Mountian, Browns Creek, James River crossing, the Thunder Ridge Wilderness, McAfee Knob…. Awesome! And we’ve had some incredible colors!

I wrote a little poem about Fall. Powder River will be posting soon along with my pics. And I think he has some stories also about VA highlights. I’ll probably have little opportunity to blog over the next 7 weeks.

Onward South!

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